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AlterNation Community Evolution ACE, Spiritual Media Network

YOUR "JOURNEY" begins; into YOU, yourself, the Mind body and Soulspirit, when you change yourself the world changes via Wellness, Health priority #1, Mental Stability, Enlightenment, into the Metaphysical, Spiritual, sometimes Paranormal, maybe Supernatural and even Psychic phenomenon but, that all depends on you and how loud you can dream.

The "AlterNation" Spiritual Network.

  • "Primum Movers: stargate Immortalportal.tribe.so  to the "Dynamystique" AlterNetwork to A.C.E.

An  Evolutionary   adventure that is your life in this new age world of singularity "Oness"   spiritual network social media cyber era survival,  physical, metaphysical and spiritual vibrational frequency raising of self into your actual "higher" self . An Institution of personal growth and health for all those light working men and women from all backgrounds, religious, spiritual or just desire to maximize or reveal your strengths and "abilities" 

here for requesting or looking to reveal whats within. We implement the best techniques of each category for a well balanced routine certain to activate your codons. 

-Yoga, pilates and martial arts style excersizes,  

-3rd eye activation meditations, 

-dream interpretations,  

-chiromacy interpretation s (palmi

stry) Palm Readings Psychic  evals and/or activations

 Luminary guide.

Online Classes/Videos/Sessions


With an eclectic approach to a wide array of modern tactics information and basic training for urban, suburban and rural survival essential for preparation in these rapidly changing times. palm reads from a  clairavoyant. 

Palmistry is the ancient practice of reading the blueprints of an individual's entire life. This can also be done online. 

A few methods for revealing and awakening the pineal gland (3rd eye) can be shown for brief sessions via live feed or prerecorded videos. Live feeds done 2\week. 

There IS a link between fact vs. fiction, reality vs. fantasy, logic, vs. imagination

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the Esoteric Eclectic Collective collections for online palm/psychic readings and/or yoga meditation mantras, Outdoor adventure training and survival intro.

Join/Visit this growing esoteric community of truth seekers share research knowledge, personal experience and insight. Proven modern day and ancient methods All backgrounds welcome. Those requesting online readings or inquiries please leave comment and info below.
Note: Pictures of palms my also be sent to recieve accurate reading.
1 reading/guest
Classes and readings alternate
Now Limited Time Only
Fill out contact information below with any specific questions and send.

Eclectic approach.

The best collection of mind, body and soul training, upkeep and excersize.

As a casual agent and prime mover of your life. A mental physical and Spiritual Warrior Brotherhood (in essence) All backgrounds welcome...Unity, teamwork, support, group movement and

Physical spiritual excersizes for the Mind Body and Soul..
Self defense techniques, wilderness survival skills. A place for thoughts, ideas, endeavors, plans, discussions.

Those who are already masters enlightened or otherwise awakened to their path and embraced the dark and the light. "Light Knights" I like to call have a soul tribe here.

Teachings/Training include:

-Ancient techniques in 3rd eye opening.
-Yoga Meditations/Mantras
-Breathing, pilates excersizes
-Find your "Chi"
-Chakra Balance
Outdoor urban/suburban survival
"Doomsday" discussion and info research training
-Zen mindfulness
-Learn the art of Sun gazing
-Discusions based on the metaphysical, Quantum Physics/Mechanics
-Blogs, updated world news awarness and higher self conciousness.
-Raise your vibration overcome all
-Transend,evolve and learn keys to -Asension passed down by the Ascended elders and masters
- Overcome addiction, fear anxieties and depressions and grab life by the horns.
the lessons and techniques I can teach are based on the Kabalah with my experience with Hermetic Order ritual and study of The Kybalion.
The secret in ancient techniques I will reveal to you the power of chanting and vibrating that will activate the third eye and DNA repair within your body. From here some may experience or activate psychic ability from which you can embark upon your own journey to enhance or enlighten any abilities you may activated or have obtained
As a theologian I have studied, extracted and derived the best collection of practices from a diversity of cultural ideologies from all over the world.

You have nothing to lose and
everything including your true higher self to enlighten.
Online/Live Palm/Psychic readings

Certified Paranormal Medium and Clairavoyant.

15+ Years of experience.

We believe in honesty integrity hard (team)work and virtue. Strengthen the Mind, Body and Soul.
All while having conversation with a guest who was unaware of the test.
"Be formless, shapeless like water" -Bruce Lee (Master)

"The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence"

Zen Guru Master/Instructor: Jahn O Nephfem the Mystic Light Knight.

Gov. Name (Jeno Vann)
Alias: "Jahnee Phyve" Zen guru training instructor (yoga) 20 years experience in yoga combat survival training urban and rural. Metaphysics
Degree in Electronic Engineering.
Student of MMA
Blackbelt(blue) in Tang So Doo. 1st, 2nd place tournament Champion (91,92)
Ninjitsu training
Experienced in eastern medicine

My passion, my calling my service to offer knowledge and experience to the world thank you for your support.

Donations are accepted
Palm/Psychic reading
Online Lessons/Classes may be 1- 2hrs Including Theory and Application practice

Direct channel immortalportal

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